The story of Iva Lee 1915-1997


Iva Lee was born and raised in the South and came from a long line of Southern women who passed down recipes since their arrival in America in 1640. Iva Lee was my beloved grandmother. She took pride in preparing a wide variety of Southern meals and classic dishes from New Orleans for family and welcomed friends. Unlike most Californians, I was raised on grits, gumbo, okra, sweet potatoes, biscuits and pecan pie. My husband and I decided to honor her by sharing some of her finest recipes and savory dishes with you. Enjoy!

— Lisa and Eric Wagoner



Lisa and Eric Wagoner are husband and wife and are co-owners. Iva Lee’s Restaurant was designed and built by the couple. Lisa Wagoner has spent her career in the restaurant industry.

Iva Lee’s Restaurant has an innovative and talented chef, Chef Jamie Strutton.   Strutton creates dishes that are based upon concepts and cooking techniques that he feels would best represent the flavors of the South and the tastes of Iva Lee. He takes classic Southern recipes and adds a modern twist on them. He takes great pride in preparing and serving delicious meals for the enjoyment of welcomed guests.