Music Schedule

 Music Schedule

August Music Schedule

August 2nd – Dos Bros
August 3rd – Black Cat Bone
August 4th – Fremonts
August 5th – Bunch of Guys
August 9th – Kalama Brothers
August 10th – Cordovas
August 11th – Billy Watson
August 12th – Box Car 7
August 16th – Kris Winrich
August 17th – Poul Pederson
August 18th – Chris Andersen
August 19th – Cholulas
August 23rd – Moon Police
August 24th – Not for Profit
August 25th – Bayou Brothers
August 26th – Family Style
August 30th – Anesha Rose
August 31st – Leroy

Music Schedule

Wednesday & Thursday Nights 7:00 pm to 10:30 pm*

Friday & Saturday Nights 7:30 pm to 11:00 pm*

(*Unless other time is noted on schedule)
kalama brothers


Want a table in the lounge on Friday & Saturday night? Make a Reservation, ALL lounge tables are available for reservations. Whether you’re watching the entertainment from the comfort of your lounge table, or need to be closer to the action of the dance floor or stage; there is a little something for everyone. For Lounge Reservations on Friday & Saturday nights, please contact Iva Lee’s at (949) 361-2855.
(Reservations for Lounge not available online)
  • Reservations are strongly recommended on Friday & Saturday Night and the ONLY way to receive a guaranteed seat in the Lounge. Guests are welcome to sit at unreserved bar stool on all nights that Iva Lee’s is open (Tuesday through Saturday). The bar seats are offered on a first come first serve basis, and fill up quickly so come early. Bar stools cannot be saved or reserved.
  • No outside food or alcohol may be brought into the Lounge.


  • For Lounge Reservations on Friday & Saturday nights, the restaurant menu is offered to order from.
  • Reservations for the Lounge tables on Friday & Saturday nights are only accepted with a Food & Beverage minimum guarantee. The food & beverage minimum guarantee is $ 35 per person plus sales tax & gratuity. Should you not meet the $ 35 per person minimum guarantee than a cover charge will be applied to meet the difference. For example, the guest spends $ 25 in food & beverage, a $ 10 cover charge will be added to the bill.
  • Multiple tables can be reserved on Friday & Saturday nights based on availability but the $ 35 per person food & beverage minimum guarantee will still apply.
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